A lash lift is a new generation perming method that is safer, more effective and more beautiful than traditional eyelash perms. Create lift, curl, and definition to your natural lashes! Lash lifts are a great alternative for clients not wanting the maintenance of eyelash extensions. With long-lasting results and very little maintenance, you will be ready to get going with beautiful lashes.

Results will last for 6-8 weeks.


1. After you arrive and fill out your paperwork, your lash lift specialist will thoroughly cleanse your lashes and place gel pads on your bottom lashes. Your eyes will remain closed for the entire process.

2. Depending on the length of your natural lashes, a rod (small, medium, or large) is placed on top of the eyelids to determine which size best suits your lashes to achieve the best lift. 

3. Once the size is determined, the rod is placed onto your eyelids and a gentle adhesive is applied to lift the natural lashes up onto the rod. 

4. Once lashes are on the rod, a setting solution is applied for 5-10 minutes on each eye.

5. The setting solution then gets removed and a neutralizer solution is applied on both sides for 5-7 minutes. If desired, this step can be followed by applying lash tint to darken the natural lashes for more dramatic results. (A tint is highly recommended for those with light colored lashes) 


Please arrive at your appointment with NO makeup. If you wear contact lenses, please remove before your service. 

Waterproof Mascara should be avoided at least 48 hours prior to your appointment as it may create a barrier not allowing the lash lifting solutions to penetrate properly.


For 24 hours following your appointment, it is recommended to avoid applying makeup, oils or water near the eye area. After the 24 hours have passed, you can resume normal daily activities / product use. 


Explaining the difference between a lash lift and lash extensions.

A Lash Lift is a lifting and darkening of your own lashes. There is no maintenance required for 6-8 weeks. They offer a very natural and beautiful look. Lash Extensions are thicker and more glamorous. They require touching up every 2-3 weeks. Also, they are additions to your natural lashes, not an augmentation of your natural lashes.

Lash lifts are NOT recommended for clients with: 

• Chronic Dry eyes

• Conjunctivitis 

• Trichotillomania

• Glaucoma (consult your physician) 

• Lasik Surgery (at least 4 months post op)

• Blepharoplasty Surgery (1 year post op) 

• Damaged or sparse lashes (if you have visible gaps within your lash line, a lift will potentially make them more noticeable)

• Chemo Patients (1 year after last treatment) 


When in doubt, please consult your physician.