Lip Tinting


Are you tired of refreshing your lip liner and/or lipstick several times during the day? Do the current all day lipstick brands make your lip tinting dry or chapped? Would you like a professional opinion regarding the appearance of your lip tinting and what can be accomplished with permanent cosmetics toward a more symmetric and fuller appearance? Is your inventory of $20 lipsticks getting financially out of hand and a burden to keep fresh and environmentally clean? Are you aware that in 2004 the FDA banned cow brains in lipsticks due to mad cow disease? One has to wonder what ingredients are in this pretty container that we would not find attractive if we were just made aware. Do you wish you had some of the natural coloring you had when you were younger? Permanent lipstick, or a lip tattoo, could be the answer.


  1. After you arrive and fill out paperwork, your artist will pencil draw your lip tinting by hand to get the shape and thickness to your liking.  The artist will take into account your eye shape, facial features, and your preference. 

  2. Following approval, your artist will apply topical numbing cream to your lips for 25-39 minutes.  While you are numbing your artist will consult with you on the appropriate color, taking into account your skin tone, skin type and undertones.  The artist will track the final colors used for your touchup. 

  3. The artist will then begin using a rotary or digital machine to delicately place the pigment into the skin. The entire treatment time is approximately 2.5 to 3.5 hours. 

Please see Pre-Procedure and After Care Instructions for more information on how to properly care for your lip tinting before and after the treatment. 

It is highly recommended you book your touchup 6-8 weeks after your initial treatment to perfect your lips.  The touch up during this window is included in the initial price.


  • Please come to your appointment without any makeup on.

  • Do not work out 24 hours before procedure.

  • No alcohol or caffeine 24 hours before procedure.

  • Avoid sun and tanning two weeks prior to procedure.

  • Do not take Niacin, Vitamin E or Ibuprofen 24 hours before procedure.

  • Try to avoid aspirin products for 7 days prior.

Note: You will be more sensitive during your menstrual cycle.  The procedure might trigger a sore outbreak and leave scabs, therefore, people who have a history of herpes simplex viral should not consider having a cosmetic lip tattoo or consider taking a course of Lysine prior and on during the healing stages of the lip tattoo.



  • The tattoo will weep a clear fluid (this is normal) for at least 1 hour, sometimes longer … wipe with a gentle but firm press to remove the fluid. Leaving this to dry will cause scabbing and a very uncomfortable feeling.

Then …

  • Apply Aquaphor constantly to keep lip tinting moist, until lip tinting is healed. Immediately after treatment, your lip tinting may still be numb from the topical anesthetic … wait until the numbness subsides, then the use of an ice-pack will help relieve the swelling and tenderness. Sucking on ice cubes helps enormously.

  • If you are prone to cold sores it is advisable that you use Zovirax alternately with the other 2 products. Continue using Zovirax until your adjustment appointment in 6-8 weeks. The 2nd & 3rd days are the most crucial days for an attack to launch. Some clients have said that using ice on the lip tinting for those 3 days helps prevent an outbreak.

  • Your lip tinting will be swollen overnight; sometimes for 48 hours; the fuller your lip tinting naturally, the more evident this will be.

  • For the Lip Line there will be a slight tightness & dryness on the line area.  For Full Lip, the tightness and dryness will persist for up to a week. Keep them moist constantly with Aquaphor. 

  • Between 2 days and 2 weeks after the treatment, the color may appear very pale, dull or light, and you may think the tattoo has been unsuccessful. Be patient. This is normal as the skin heals. The true color will be evident in 4-6 weeks.

  • Around Day 5 the worst of the chapping will be mostly over. Around Day 6 the lip color will appear softer. In fact, the color may appear pale or frosty for the next 5 days or so. This is perfectly normal. It is vital to remember to wait the full 4-6 weeks before the final lip color is evident.


Permanent makeup is NOT recommended for any clients who are or have:

  • Pregnant or Nursing

  • Diabetic

  • Viral infections and/or diseases

  • Epilepsy

  • A Pacemaker or major heart problems

  • Had an organ transplant

  • Skin irritations or Psoriasis near the treated area (rashes, sunburn, acne, etc.)

  • Sick (cold, flu, etc.)

  • Had Botox in the past 2 weeks

  • Used Accutane in the past year