5 Ways Teeth Whitening and Spray Tanning Go Hand-in-Hand

The change of seasons can be an ideal time to revitalize your beauty regime. Step into summer with sparkling white teeth and beautiful bronze skin for a healthy, fresh-off-the-beach look. Teeth whitening and spray tanning work in tandem to create the perfect sun-kissed summer look. Here’s how:

They Make You Feel More Confident

A bright smile and glowing skin are major confidence boosters. Whether you are attending a special event or just want to be photo-ready, pamper your teeth and skin by enhancing their beauty. Getting your teeth whitened at the dentist can be just as important for your self-image as clothing or cosmetics. When paired with a warm, smooth complexion, you will walk taller are smile more. People will be instantly attracted to your bold swagger.

They Make You Look Healthy

White teeth are a sign of impeccable grooming, and glowing skin exemplifies good health. Together, these will make you appear younger and more healthy. A tan is associated with an active lifestyle and can also hide spots and blemishes, while pearly whites make your teeth look clean and strong.

They Make a Stunning Contrast

Your teeth and skin draw attention to each other. When you have perfectly bronze skin, the color of your teeth becomes more pronounced; your teeth and skin might even start to look closer in color if you haven’t had them whitened. When done together, however, whitened teeth will highlight your tan, and conversely, your tan will really compliment your beautiful teeth.

They Make Your Makeup Pop

If makeup is a part of your beauty routine, an even tan with perfectly white teeth can serve as a great base. In the same way that teeth whitening and spray tanning compliment each other, they also work together with makeup. Your lip color or gloss will frame your gorgeous smile, while whitened teeth make your pretty pout and bright eyes stand out. Almost like a foundation in itself, a spray tan provides a golden blank slate for your makeup. Just remember to adjust your foundation color to blend with your tanned skin tone.

They Bring Out Your Natural Beauty

With or without makeup, teeth whitening and spray tanning enhance your natural beauty. Together, they allow you to get up and go and still look amazing. If you are able to achieve a sprayless tan through UV or sun tanning, use lotions to protect your skin so that it remains healthy inside and out.







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