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3 Natural Ways to Boost Your Skin’s Elasticity

Your skin naturally loses elastin and collagen as you age. Those two proteins are responsible for your skin’s structure and give it the ability to stretch without incurring damage. Fortunately, there are a number of tips you can use to keep your skin healthy and elastic at any age. Eat a Healthy Diet A healthy…

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Signs Your Skin is Unhealthy

Your skin tells the story of your health. An unhealthy diet, stress and injuries all show up on our skin. Unfortunately, your skin cannot speak with words. That’s why it’s so important to learn to recognize the messages that your skin is sending you. Your Skin Isn’t Healing After an Injury If you’ve gotten a…

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Are You Making These Common Makeup Mistakes?

The process of applying makeup can be the most fun part of your daily routine. Whether you’re playing with a new look or have a regimen you stick to, makeup is meant to enhance your beauty. However, many women are guilty of application mistakes without even knowing it! Here’s a guide to common beauty blunders…

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