Are You Making These Common Makeup Mistakes?

The process of applying makeup can be the most fun part of your daily routine. Whether you’re playing with a new look or have a regimen you stick to, makeup is meant to enhance your beauty. However, many women are guilty of application mistakes without even knowing it! Here’s a guide to common beauty blunders and how you can prevent them from happening.

Not Cleaning Your Brushes

Your makeup brushes are sure to get dirty and fall apart over time. Bacteria from your brushes can cause breakouts on your face and even get you sick! Clean makeup brushes and sponges also apply products more smoothly. Brushes can be cleaned with a soap and water mixture and left flat to dry. This can be done once a week to once a month, depending on your makeup routine. There are many disinfectants and sprays in beauty specialty shops for a deeper cleaning as well.

Being Too Heavy-Handed

Overdoing your makeup can make you look older and damage your skin. Instead of layers of foundation and mascara, choose high-quality products with the coverage you need. Some women can get away with a lightweight cream for the face. All skin tones should find products containing SPF protection. Avoid caking powder over makeup. Instead, only apply it to more oily areas such as your T zone to hide shine. It’s important to find the right shades for you so your makeup doesn’t stand out in the wrong way and look like too much. Overly dark eyebrow pencils and lipsticks aren’t for everyone!

Applying Makeup in a Moving Car

Many women in a rush will take time during their commute to fix their makeup. This is certainly a bad idea as it takes your eyes off the road and becomes a danger to yourself and others. You don’t have to be texting to be pulled over for distracted driving. If a patrol catches you with your hands off the wheel, you could face strict punishment. Even if you’re not driving, passengers should probably wait until the car is stopped to do your makeup. A moving vehicle leads to poor precision when applying makeup and a sudden bump can ruin your whole look!

Not Making Your Makeup Last

In order for your makeup to apply evenly and last throughout the night, you’ll need to start with a fresh face that’s ready to be pampered. Having a proper skincare routine will make applying makeup easier. Make sure to wash your face with a gentle cleanser to prep your makeup application. You may choose to exfoliate to soften your face and tone to tighten your pores. Pick a good moisturizer and consider using a primer that’s meant for helping your makeup last. A light dusting of setting powder or setting spray can keep your face looking flawless with little to no need for touch-ups. Always be sure to wash your face of makeup properly before going to bed. This helps keep your skin clear and healthy for another beauty makeover the next day! 

It’s easy to make makeup mistakes, but fortunately, it’s also easy to change your habits to fix them. If you take a few extra minutes each day to work on your bad habits, your makeup will look better in no time!

If you want to shave a few minutes off your makeup routine so you don’t have to worry about some of these problems, schedule an appointment with us to get permanent eyeliner, a lip tint, or microbladed brows!

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