Best Low-Maintenance Beauty Procedures to Get Done

If you’d like to spend less time getting yourself ready, then you may want to have a few beauty treatments done. While these will initially cost you extra time, they can speed up how quickly you’re able to get ready on a daily basis. While there are many beauty procedures you can have done, those listed below are among the best for achieving a low-maintenance routine in the future.

Lash Lift

Say goodbye to fussing with fake lashes that don’t stay on for an entire day. Lash lifts look natural and last far longer. With this procedure, you don’t even have to apply mascara for your lashes to pop.

Teeth Whitening

When done by a professional, your teeth will look beautifully white for months at a time. What’s even better is the fact that most whitening procedures don’t take very long, so you won’t have to spend a lot of time waiting to see beautiful results.


How much time do you spend perfecting the look of your eyebrows? If you want them to look great all the time, then microblading can help. Using pigment, this produces the look of fine hairs, so you end up with natural looking eyebrows that require zero time to create in the morning.

Laser Hair Removal

Although initially, you’ll have to go in for several appointments, laser hair removal treatments ultimately get rid of unwanted hair for good–no more wax strips on your upper lip and no more spending hours shaving the rest of your body during the week.

Permanent Makeup

If you never step out of the house without eyeliner or any other makeup on, you may want to consider permanent makeup. Once finished, maintenance is minimal to keep the color vibrant.

Gel Manicure/Pedicure

Gel manicures no longer take as much time as they used to, which makes them perfect for anyone on a time budget. What’s even better is that gel can last for weeks longer than traditional polish, so you can skip a couple of visits and still have beautiful nails.

Hair Treatment

Having a hair treatment done can relax your strands, so they are shiny, manageable, and easier to work with. Keratin treatments, in particular, can leave you with more beautiful hair that is very low maintenance.

Waking Up Flawless

Do you dream of rolling out of bed, brushing your hair, and leaving out the door? With the beauty procedures above, you’ll be closer to doing just that. Each requires very little maintenance, and with the time they save you, you likely won’t mind doing that maintenance as necessary. Let your inner beauty shine!



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