Google isn’t Good Enough: When to See a Doctor About Your Skin

Did you know that, according to Carenet Health, 80 percent of people search for health information online? When you aren’t feeling well, it can be hard to resist googling your symptoms. The amount of medical information that is available is incredible, but it is not always accurate. Often, skin health is viewed as less urgent, which can lead to dangerous consequences. Read on to learn when to stop using Google and when to see your doctor about your skin.

Signs That You Need Professional Help

Your skin displays symptoms of health conditions and imbalances ranging from blackheads and skin cancer to severe systemic infections. It can be tempting to self-diagnose your skin condition when you think you have something as benign as acne. However, according to Face Reality Skincare, the symptoms of staph infection look similar to acne. Though you should always consult with your dermatologist, a few red flags that indicate you need medical attention are a change in the composition of a mole or symptoms that have boils or blisters. If you also have a rash or a fever, then see a doctor immediately.

Dangers of Self-Treatment for Skin Issues

For many people, self-treating seems easier and it takes less time than going to see the doctor. However, recent expansions in telemedicine have cut into costs and made seeing a doctor all the more convenient, and help you avoid some serious problems. For example, if you self-treat, then it may prevent you from seeking medical attention that you need. Also, when self-treating your symptoms, you may use incorrect or even harmful ingredients, which can make your condition worse. If you still go to a doctor after self-treating, then it can make it more difficult for your doctor to accurately diagnose you. Additionally, your doctor may need to treat the symptoms and side effects of your self-treatment, which can result in a longer recovery time. All of these consequences of treating your symptoms are not only dangerous but can also be life-threatening.

Spreading Infection

Any skin lesion can be a sign of ill-health, so you should always see your doctor right away. If you incorrectly self-diagnose your skin, then you risk spreading your health condition to others, according to Dignity Health. Infections such as MRSA can have symptoms that are often mistaken for acne, can be life-threatening and are becoming resistant to antibiotics. If you do not see a doctor right away, then you are putting your life at risk, as well as others. If you are resistant to seeing a doctor, consider the health of others as an incentive.

To keep your skin healthy, you need to take care of it. Take a look at these tips for making sure your skin stays beautiful!

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