Tips for Perfect Hair on Your Wedding Day

Every bride wants to look perfect on her wedding day. Finding the perfect partner and dress is a big part of the battle. Achieving perfect hair is another part. Below are a few tips to have the hair of your dreams on your big day.

Slightly Dirty Is Best

When styling hair, it is easier to work with when it is slightly dirty. A little bit of product in the hair makes it easier for a curl to hold or a bobby pin to stay in place. According to Bridal Guide, it is a good idea to wash your hair the day before your wedding day and leave it for your hairstylist to style the next day. If you are unable to do so, adding a bit of dry shampoo or texturizing spray before styling will help coat the hair and hold the hairstyle better.

Stop Salon Treatments Early

According to Essense, you should avoid major transformations close to your wedding. You never know when a salon treatment will go wrong, and you don’t need that added stress the week of your wedding. Getting your haircut and color a month before will help your hair grow out, adjust, and look more natural. If you are getting hair extensions this will also give you plenty of time to adjust and make sure they match your hair color. Ultimately, stopping your salon treatments early will give you plenty of time to adjust your look if there is anything you don’t love.

Keep the Essentials on Hand

Your wedding day is exciting but long. If you want to make sure your hair stays perfect, you need to have some essentials on hand. Ask a bridesmaid or other trusted friend to keep track of things like extra bobby pins, hair spray, curling iron, leave-in conditioner, etc. According to Blake Charles Salon, a leave-in conditioner is perfect for controlling frizz during the day or adding an extra bit of shine to your hair. Take some time throughout the day to do touch-ups on your hair. This will be much easier when you have the products to help you perform minor adjustments to keep your hair looking flawless on your wedding day.

Your wedding day is perhaps the biggest day of your life. With every detail in place, you can make sure your hair stays in place too. Remember to let it be slightly dirty, stop your salon treatments early, and be prepared with the essentials on hand. Doing this will give you the hair of your dreams for your big day.

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