What’s the Deal With All These Custom Palettes?

Choosing one shade of makeup for the cheeks, eyes or lips can be daunting. You may find yourself tired of your current makeup options but overwhelmed at the thought of trying something new. Thankfully, there are custom makeup palette options that will allow you to create a collection based on your favorites that will give you the chance to experiment.

Why We Love Them

A custom makeup palette gives you the chance to be both consistent by choosing new shades close to what you love and daring by choosing something on the other end of the spectrum. The process of building custom palettes allows those of us who aren’t always daring with our makeup choices to try something new while keeping a safe shade close by.

The Assembly

In years past, buying a makeup palette meant that you owned every shade under the sun and would probably toss most of them. A custom palette gives you the chance to home in on a product that you like and expand your collection using quality products. The assembly services professionals of high-end makeup lines mean that you get a great collection in a durable kit that arrives in great shape. That being said, powdered makeup cakes can be damaged in the construction. The assembly process involves enough different pieces that the more steps that are added, the higher the chances of something happening. If your kit arrives, and the powdered products are busted up, or the cream cheek and lip colors are dinged or starting to separate, be sure to contact the seller and let them know their assembly team dropped the ball.

Following the Pros

If you follow a celebrity or a makeup professional and want to emulate their look, it can be overwhelming to try to purchase the products that they use. Some kits and custom palettes can be prohibitively expensive. Additionally, many celebrities have a whole team of beauty professionals to help them care for their skin and fix their makeup. However, if you find a great product line and enjoy taking the time to experiment on yourself, you can find a look that stands out all on your own even while you pick up tips from your favorite celebrity. Everyone’s skin and makeup needs are different. By purchasing a custom palette based on your favorite looks, you can find your own makeup style and enhance your look with new products as your confidence grows.

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