4 Ways to Take Care of Your Skin Without Chemicals

When it comes to taking care of your skin, many people think the more a product costs, the more it’ll benefit your skin. The truth is, most of the products out on the market not only won’t improve your skin, but they have unnecessary added chemicals to them as well that will be absorbed into your body each time you use it. Instead of using chemicals for minor improvements, consider these natural methods that won’t hurt your skin or your body.

Warm and Cold Water

The healthiest thing you can use is just plain water rinses. Start off with warm or hot water on a washcloth and cleanse the skin you wish to cleanse. This will open the pores and remove any residue. When you are done washing your face, rinse it with cold water to constrict the blood vessels and prevent your skin from becoming dehydrated. You should also make sure you aren’t washing your face with hard water since this can irritate your skin as much as chemicals can.

Use Essential Oils

Essential oils are derived from a variety of plants, which allows you to use them without worrying about chemicals. Grapefruit oil is often used in skincare because of its ability to promote the appearance of clear healthy-looking skin. Other oils like cedarwood and jasmine are often used. You can distill the oil with a base and apply it to your skin, or you can mix it with your moisturizer or lotion.

Eat Healthily

As many doctors will tell you, your skin is often a reflection of your eating habits. If you eat a lot of unhealthy food or you aren’t getting all the nutrients that you need, your skin is going to show that. Also, if you aren’t drinking enough water, your skin can appear dull. If you want to improve the appearance of your skin, limit the amount of sugar you consume. You should also make sure you take a multivitamin and drink plenty of water.


Waxing will remove any unwanted hair, and make it stay smoother longer. You need to exfoliate your skin before you get waxed, which will help your skin stay healthier. There are no chemicals in the wax, so you also don’t have to worry about that causing any problems. Waxing can be painful, especially the first time, so make sure you avoid it towards the beginning of your menstrual cycle.

There are many alternatives to cleaning your skin without using harsh chemicals, and most of the ingredients are easily accessible. You don’t need to buy into the idea that beauty has to be expensive or that it needs to involve chemicals. You can get beautiful skin while using natural products.

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