5 Major Things To Avoid After Getting A Brazilian Wax

1.  Your skin is going to be sensitive due to the hair being pulled from its follicle.  You will want to avoid heat to the area which includes saunas, steam showers and hot baths for 24 hours.

2.  To avoid ingrown hairs, the day after your treatment you can exfoliate the newly waxed are with a loofah.  Another helpful tip is to avoid  tight clothes to allow your skin to breathe.

3.  You are also going to want to avoid using any exfoliating products, sunscreen and highly fragranced products as they may further irritate your skin,

4.  Resist with all your might touching freshly waxed skin. Touching the area may encourage breakouts or irritation.

5.  As with number 1, no matter how much you are ready to show off your smooth skin, don’t engage in sexual activity for 24 hours.  If you are planning fun activities plan for your wax at least 24 hours in advance!

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