Permanent Makeup

The Procedures Behind These 5 Beauty Routines

Sometimes beauty procedures get a bad reputation as being weird or completely unnecessary. This article will walk you through the science behind some of the procedures so that you can make a more informed decision. It will also provide you with the piece of mind that you are doing something positive for your body. Vampire…

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These 4 Most Dangerous Make-Up Habits Are More Common Than You Think

For most women, applying makeup is one of the most common habits of their daily lives. Most habits we perform effortlessly, because, well, we’re used to doing them! Dangerous habits can lead to harmful consequences because the person probably isn’t thinking of the negative effects. When thinking about applying makeup, these four habits should be…

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5 Major Things To Avoid After Getting Permanent Makeup

1.  You want to avoid direct sun exposure or tanning for at least 3-4 weeks following your appointment.  Also, prolong tanning or sun exposure will also cause your new permanent makeup to fade prematurely, so sunscreen is highly recommended as long term aftercare. 2.  Due to your skin being freshly tattooed on, you’re going to…

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